About Purezento For Me

This is us

The 2 Founders Meisa Theis (left) and Mayo Ohnsorge (right) are proud to be women who got something going together despite being mothers as their main job. They both have 2 children each and since 2019 with Purezento For Me they have another child together. The goal of the company is to create a work environment free of prejudice and with equal opportunities for everyone in a relaxed, cheerful and open atmosphere. For the development of the company, both are convinced that only growing together with the partners and trading sustainable products at fair conditions can be the right way into the future.

Our history

Purezento For Me is a German-Japanese brand. Apart from the idea behind our name (as described above), our logo represents the outline of Germany in the style of the Japanese flag with the red sun on a white background and thus describes the long friendship and solidarity of these two countries as well as their values.  Nevertheless, we want to set a sign against thinking in nationalities and descents, especially in times of global nationalism. Therefore we would like to speak out actively for enlightenment and against right-wing, nationalistic attitudes. For this purpose we donate a part of our annual profit to organizations that have set themselves the goal to enlighten, to show the equality and equal value of all people in this world. We look forward to your support!


Our Guidelines

Through our online store we would like to offer you special gifts for loved ones, for celebrations or simply for yourself.
Out of respect for the environment and future generations, we take special care to use healthy, nature-friendly and fair trade products in our selection.


Our Products

In order to oppose the trend of mass production and excessive consumption in an increasing "throwaway society" we would like to put conscious shopping in the foreground. Therefore, we produce our self-produced goods according to demand only in the quantity that is ordered to avoid a surplus.

We procure the ingredients for our baking, tea and spice mixtures, as well as other products such as wines and baked goods, as far as possible from local, small (family) businesses, in order to support them and to be able to grow together.

The preparation also takes place without artificial additives such as flavor enhancers or preservatives.