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Melissa's Speculaas Crumble Baking Mix

Melissa's Speculaas Crumble Baking Mix

✅ NO Artificial Ingredients
✅ Healthy Lifestyle
❤️ Locally made in Königstein / Germany!
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Melissa's Speculaas Crumble Baking Mix

Melissa's Speculaas Crumble Baking Mix opens the door to effortlessly crafting authentic Speculaas Streusel in just a few simple steps. To embark on this delightful culinary journey, gather your essential tools:

  • an oven,
  • a square baking pan (approximately 18 x 18 cm) or a round springform pan (about 24 cm in diameter),
  • a mixer, and of course
  • butter.

Melissa's Speculaas Crumble , known for its richness, is a true indulgence, especially for those with a sweet tooth. Speculaas, a spiced cookie, takes center stage during the festive Christmas season and the joyous Sinterklaas festival, yet it remains a beloved treat enjoyed year-round by the Dutch.

Let's dive into the process:

  1. Prepare the Apples: Begin by cutting and sugaring the apples. Then, grease the springform and preheat the oven: conventional heat to about 180°C, or opt for convection heat at around 160°C.

  2. Mixing the Ingredients: Transfer the crumble mix into a spacious mixing bowl, add butter or margarine, and optionally introduce an egg to the mix.

  3. Streusel Formation: Engage your mixer (utilizing the beaters) on the lowest setting to delicately process the ingredients into streusels. A helpful tip: Initially, fine streusels will form, but with an extended mixing period, they evolve into coarser textures.

  4. Layering and Baking: Divide the streusels, placing half at the bottom of the springform, firmly pressing them down. Scatter apple
    pieces evenly in the form, followed by sprinkling the remaining streusels up to the edge.

  5. Baking Process: Position the form on the oven rack, inserting it into the lower third. Let it bake for approximately 50 minutes.

  6. Cooling and Serving: Allow the cake to cool gracefully in the form on a wire rack. Once cooled, delicately loosen the cake from the form using a knife.

    Additional Tip: If there's excessive dust during streusel preparation, consider loosely covering the mixing bowl around the mixer with kitchen paper. Additionally, feel free to experiment by substituting apple pieces with an equivalent amount of other fruits—whether fresh or canned—such as cherries, plums, or rhubarb.

Indulge in the delightful creation of your Speculaas Streusel, where a symphony of flavors promises to elevate your dining experience!


Instant flour, cinnamon, cane sugar, sugar, vanilla sugar, baking powder, salt.

NO artificial flavor enhancers

NO artificial preservatives

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts for Melissa's Speculaas Crumble Baking Mix can be found furter down on the page.

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Melissa's Speculaas Crumble Baking Mix 320g


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Nutrition Facts for Melissa's Speculaas Crumble Baking Mix

Nutrition Facts

Per 100g

Calories 1.577 kJ (377 kcal)
Fat 6,3 g
Saturated fat 0,1 g
Carbohydrates 88,0 g
Sugar 41,0 g
Protein 5,7 g
Salt 1,4 g

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